“Digital Libas” is the first prize winner of the GIL SDG Challenge Cup 2020

“Digital Libas” is the first prize winner of GIL SDG Challenge Cup 2020. The winning team is comprised of Mr. Akshay Kumar, Mr. Deepak Kumar, and Ms. Riya Kumari. The team has developed a smartphone app for helping customers to reach out to tailors online without the hassle of finding one in the market. They have also developed a training center for unskilled ladies with a wide range of courses in the relevant field. Digital Libas aims at providing employment for both skilled and unskilled ladies who have no or limited source of earning. Through its robust program of training for unskilled ladies, it helps the unskilled ladies become a tailor and get connected with the customer through the app. In this way, an independent source of income is created for a wide fraction of society.

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