The purpose of the system is to identify the person on image/video stream wearing face mask with the help of computer vision and deep learning algorithm by using modern AI technology.
We have deployed the COVID-19 face mask detector, what we’re building here today could
potentially be used to help ensure your safety and the safety of others.
Covid-19 face mask detector work on CCTV IP cameras, to detect people walking in the
scene and calculate their faces. After detecting the faces facial landmarks allow us to
automatically infer the location of facial structures, including:
• Eyes
• Eyebrows
• Nose
• Mouth
• Jawline
According to their facial landmarks face mask detection algorithm is applied on the images and live video streams. The system is trained with positive and negative dataset images. If the face is without mask, it shows with red bounding box with the label No Mask; and if the face is wearing mask it will be shown as green bounding box with the label Mask.
Here are a few use cases where this mask detection technology could be leveraged.
The Face Mask Detection System could be used at airports to detect travelers without
masks. Face data of travelers can be captured in the system at the entrance. If a traveler
is found to be without a face mask, their picture is sent to the airport authorities so that
they could take quick action.
Using Face Mask Detector System, Hospitals can monitor if quarantined people required
to wear a mask are doing so or not. The same holds good for monitoring staff on duty too.
Offices & Working Spaces
The Face Mask Detection System can be used at office premises to ascertain if
employees are maintaining safety standards at work. It monitors employees without masks
and sends them a reminder to wear a mask.
To limit the spread of corona virus, the police could deploy the face mask detector on its
fleet of surveillance cameras to enforce the compulsory wearing of face masks in public