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Monitoring water quality provides empirical evidence to support decision making on health and environmental issues. Monitoring water quality in 21st century is a growing challenge because of the large number of chemicals used in our daily lives and in commerce that can make their way into our waters. Govt. innovation lab (GIL) has worked on a pilot project of automation of WQM to make service delivery efficient for the end user and monitoring of filtration plants easy to PHE.
As there is no existing automated system to monitor water quality of more than 700 PHE water filtration plants. The water quality includes its TDS, PH, Turbidity, Temperature & Water Flow. Currently this all is done manually whenever needed which is costly & time consuming.
The purpose of this system is to provide PHE with a hardware + software based product having a water quality monitoring kit & web+ App dashboard, which facilitate them to administrate & automatically monitor filtration plant for water quality any time & get all the details anywhere through dashboard. Besides this, any citizen can also get the plant details using android app & subscribe to any plant or nearby plants to get its information notifications. A citizen can also submit a complain through app to Admin when needed. Whereas any PHE admin/ Executive can check those complains on dashboard, resolve them, add devices, change settings of dashboard & download information. All the functional & non-functional plants could be easily searched & seen over google map in dashboards with their detailed description.
This system is totally tested in different environments & water resources which gave expected results & it completely terminates manual work of filtration plants & provides total ease to its users with accuracy in real time.

• Live access, interaction and analyze up-to date information of water quality and daily output
• Enable smarter, data-driven decisions regarding maintenance requirements
• Citizen feedback, complaint and scheduling alerts
• Cloud based with Android app and Dashboards