Environmental problems are raised by modern cities for waste collection and disposal. Therefore, smart waste management systems became essential for cities that aim to reduce cost and manage resources and time. Currently, the trend is shifting towards smart devices and internet of things (IoT) solutions to overcome common problems such as waste management issues. Optimizing the process of trash collection is the main purpose of the smart solutions provided by industry. However, the cost of applying such solutions is still relatively high. The purpose of this work is to present to provide clean environment, intelligent bin and a cost-effective smart trash bin for localized and small-scale cases, such as small parks, university campus, colonies and hospitals. We have introduced garbage waste management system called SMART BIN, working on IoT base. It has an external power battery which has long life. It will send message by itself to the driver as well as to the admin ‘’I am full, please unload me” and send an url of its location with the message. Driver will receive a message from Bin with exact location in Url. If driver not response to it, it will send the same message after 30 minutes until they response it. Whenever driver empty the Bin it will automatically send the message to admin and driver that “I have been cleared” and the record of all messages which sent by dustbin to both of admin and driver are save as a history on the dashboard. Through which can check the punctuation of driver. In a certain area only one Bin has a GSM module which can help out the other nearest bin through Bluetooth smart module which has around 1000m range. The other nearest Bin do the same process using the share gsm. It will show the red light on the top of Bin to the public to show I am full please don’t put more dust. After clearing it will off the light automatically.

• Public awareness about it fullness
• Aware itself on the fullness
• Automatically send message
• Send location url by itself
• Not be quit until not unload
• Save history on dashboard
• Long life external power
• Communication with other bins